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Amazing! Very family friendly! We have seen 3 different chiropractors in the last 4 years, this one is by far the best, they focus on healing instead of just a short term fix. Very happy we have found these 2 wonderful doctors!

Kari Lynch

I’d recently begun experiencing debilitating neck pain, and with just a few adjustments and recommendations from Dr. Charles I felt 100% better. He is very thoughtful in his approach and takes time to consider my specific needs and x-rays each time he adjusts me. I’d highly recommend him to anyone experiencing pain or wanting to improve their body or health!

Adrienne Metzig

Dr. Charles at Live Aligned has been a saving grace for our family. My partner was broken with no hope of relief. Dr Charles worked with us to get him back to work. He continues to work on actual rehabilitation of the problem instead of a quick fix. We love sparty too!!

Abigail Neumann

Dr. Charlie helped me with my neck pain! I highly recommend his office!

Stephanie Murphree

I moved to Denver last March. After an extremely active 1st month in Colorado, I was left with excruciating lower back and hip pain. I could barely get in and out of my truck let alone any other physical activity.

I visited Live Aligned and was quickly impressed with Dr. Charles. He is very personable and helpful, taking the time necessary to fully explain the issues, chiropractic adjustments, and home care.

I continue to follow his recommendations on stretching, excercise and diet. I am now, and have been for many months, highly active and I am able to participate in all the activities I enjoy! I highly recommend Dr. Charles and Live Aligned Family Chiropractic!

David Schmidt

Dr. Charlie is a phenomenal chiropractor!

Kristen Menchhoffer

What a life saver!! Dr.Charles went out of his way to help me in a time of need. I just received a "bad adjustment" from another chiropractor and later that evening something popped out of place. I was in so much pain and could barely move. Dr.Charles dropped everything to make sure I was taken care of right away. He assessed the situation and knew immediately what the problem was. A few minutes later I was able to move again and was extremely thankful I had him to count on. If you are not only looking for a knowledgeable chiropractor but one that truly cares about his patients, then Dr.Charles is definitely the man to see!

Cici Bouchard

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