Best and Proven Sleeping Positions That Help Prevent Back Pain

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As you sleep, your spine is under constant stress. Whether you have back pain or not, sleeping on your side has shown to be the best sleeping position for spinal health. This is because a neutral spinal curve can be maintained when lying on one’s side, as the weight of the upper body will balance out with that of gravity pulling down from above.

However, there are several other factors that might also contribute to back pain while sleeping; these include various medical conditions and even mattress quality!

Back pain is the leading cause of disability worldwide. What's interesting about this is chronic medical conditions don't cause that back pain. Instead, it's brought on by stress and strain from your lifestyle habits, including awkward sleeping positions.

When we sleep, our bodies are relaxed and vulnerable. Therefore it is important that when going to bed, you need to keep yourself in a position where your body stays as comfortable as possible. The best sleeping positions not only help you get a better night’s sleep but also prevent back pain or discomfort the next day.

Here are some of the best sleeping positions when you're dealing with back pain to get a well-deserved good night's rest.

On Your Back

Sleeping Position

According to a study conducted by the University of California, San Francisco, sleeping lying flat on your back is the best sleeping position. Patients feel more rested when they sleep in this position; it also reduces snoring and apnea. Sleeping lying flat on your side is the second-best option for getting quality rest.

Sleeping lying flat on your back is the best sleeping position there is. Most people find this the most challenging one to stick to when trying to enjoy deep sleep. You can make it easier by placing one pillow underneath your neck or head and one under your knees, making it more comfortable and healthy for your spine.

Side Sleeping

We’ve all been there: you wake up with a painful back or neck, and worse—you don’t know why. Maybe you woke up on the couch after watching TV late into the night. Or perhaps it was because of how you slept that morning. In any case, we can help you understand how to prevent bad sleeping positions from causing pain in your back, neck and shoulders by explaining what side sleeping while keeping legs straight is one of the best sleeping positions for most people.

For the best results, stretch your legs out straight while tucking a pillow between your knees to keep your spine in an ideal alignment.

Fetal Position

Sleeping in a fetal position can open the space between affected vertebrae, making it more comfortable.

The spine is an important part of the body. Without a healthy and functioning spine, it would be impossible to move or feel for that matter. Sleeping in a fetal position can help support your back while you sleep. This will give your discs time to rest and keep pressure off of them.

Plus, this reduces excess pressure on the herniated discs, speeding up recovery. There is a growing body of evidence that sleeping in a fetal position can reduce excess pressure on the herniated discs. At first, this may seem counterintuitive, but when you understand the mechanics behind it then it makes sense.

On the Front with a Pillow Under Your Stomach

Although this is considered the least "healthy" sleeping position, people struggling to sleep any other way can benefit from this a lot. Just make sure you place a thin pillow beneath your stomach and hips to improve spinal alignment.

There are many benefits to sleeping on your side, but there are also some serious drawbacks. This includes having a pillow under your stomach while you sleep, which can be the most comfortable position for those who have back pain.

On the Front Facing Down

Sleeping on the front can be unhealthy when someone turns their head to the side, awkwardly twisting the spinal column while placing excess stress on the back. However, sleeping on the front while your face is facing down can help you sleep in this position without compromising your back.

The best sleeping position is the one that you prefer. However, it has been shown through studies that a greater percentage of people sleep on their front side facing down at night.

How Can A Chiropractor Help You Sleep Better?

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard from my patients, “I have trouble sleeping. What do you think might be causing that?” In most cases, the person sitting in front of me has no idea what could be contributing to their sleep issues. And let’s face it: seeing a chiropractor isn't going to cure your insomnia by itself.

However, if you suspect that your body may be creating physical stress and tension at night while you sleep –- or during the day -– then a visit to our office is likely worthwhile for both diagnosing any potential problems and suggesting ways to alleviate them.

Not only does back pain affect your sleep and ability to get through the day, sleeping in particular positions can make it worse.

Fortunately, there are ways to avoid sleeping with a bad back. There are two main positions that can help your muscles alleviate some of the aches and pains: on your stomach and on your side. But if those don't work for you, it's best to see a chiropractor right away!

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