Minimizing Toxin Exposure in Chiropractic Care

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Every day, people are bombarded by toxins in their food and environment. For instance, when we visit a hospital, some chemicals present within the hospital environment might linger on our skin and clothes. Through proper handwashing and sanitation techniques, acquiring toxins is preventable. Besides, in some areas of the hospital, patients and medical personnel are required to wear a hospital gown to prevent cross-contamination.

The act of detoxing your body resets the natural balance and boosts you to thrive. The journey to a healthier life begins with proper guidance on lifestyle toxins to minimize toxins from entering your body systems. Also, dietary guidelines, supplements, and chiropractic care will help boost the cleansing powers within our bodies. Hence, by cleansing ourselves better, we are allowing ourselves to live a healthier life.

At Live Aligned Family Chiropractic, we use the 5 Essentials of Wellness to maximize the benefits of chiropractic care. Dr. Peter Martinez has the expertise to educate and guide you to detoxify and minimize toxin exposure within your home, work, and outside. Besides, spinal adjustments, nutritional counseling, and reducing toxin exposure are essentials of chiropractic care. With Live Aligned, our chiropractors guarantee a holistic care approach.

Why Minimizing Toxins and Detoxifying is Important?

Minimizing Toxin Exposure in Chiropractic Care

By minimizing toxins, we ensure that your body is functioning at its fullest potential. Despite numerous guides available online on how to detoxify, you can never go wrong with proper guidance. Lifestyle choices are a crucial component in reducing toxin exposure. Live Aligned Family Chiropractic offers appropriate counseling to minimize toxins based on your lifestyle and environment. Additionally, our chiropractors are proficient in providing dietary guidelines. Certain groups of people need further nutritional counseling to thrive through their individualized regimen that will help boost cleansing power.

Toxins are a part of our everyday life, and it takes the right balance to keep them in check. The Five Essentials promote healthy habits like eating whole foods and avoiding processed food for an optimal detoxification process that cleanses both out-of-the-gut substances and those stored inside cells. Upon piling up on cells, they do their most serious damage over time. Keep these tips handy when you go grocery shopping or search for tasty recipes online, so you know what choices will support this essential daily routine.

Ultimately we live in a world that is not perfect. It never has been, and it certainly won’t be until the end of time. Still, some things can help us manage our exposure to harmful toxins like diet modification, limiting our contact with chemicals as much as possible. 

How Does It Work?

Minimizing Toxin Exposure in Chiropractic Care

Food can be a source of toxins. Processed foods went through several processes and took plenty of chemicals to prolong their shelf life. Thus, some people tend to have fear and paranoia in consuming store-bought foods. The best way for people who want to develop healthy living habits is to consume fresh foods. Home cooking is an excellent and practical way to avoid processed food items from grocery stores. However, this approach comes with safety measures on how to process raw meat and cooking it correctly. Additionally, raw foods might have toxins, so proper handwashing techniques come in handy.

Our three-step plan is designed to work two levels of detoxification, clearing out toxins at the cellular level and in your organs. Many other plans focus on just one type or organ. However, our program has you covered by working both for maximum effectiveness.

  • Minimize exposure 
  • Detoxify your cells and organs
  • Remove toxins and prevent retoxification

The world is constantly surrounded by harmful chemicals. These toxins are found in everyday products such as household cleaners, refined foods, personal care items, and even the food we cook. Each of these substances has its effects on our bodies which can ultimately be detrimental to them. They can inhibit us from performing at optimum levels or threaten everyday health and reduce life expectancy.

Things to Avoid to Minimize Toxin Exposure

Dr. Martinez understands that the world we live in is full of harmful chemicals. Still, he believes that proper guidance is essential to minimize toxin exposure. Thus, he provided some things we can avoid.


Plastic is a cheap and versatile material that has been used in food packaging for decades. Plastic containers are often less expensive than glass or paper alternatives, making them appealing to manufacturers. With plastic packaging, companies can get more products off of the assembly line when it comes time to fill up boxes with individually packed items. 

Unfortunately, plastics also leak chemicals to something that is stored within. For instance, foods with plastic packaging pose health risks if ingested over long periods. Plastics contain bisphenol A (BPA). It is an endocrine disruptor banned by some countries, including China, due to its harmful implications. Studies have proven that the toxic chemical has been linked to a vast list of health problems - reproductive, immunity, and neurological. It’s also very likely it will cause Alzheimer's disease in adults who are exposed to this substance as well as childhood asthma, metabolic disease, Type 2 diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases like a heart attack or stroke.

Environmental Toxins

Environmental endocrine disruptors (EEDs) are toxins that mimic the action of hormones. EED may contribute to an increase in cancer cases related to hormonal imbalance, such as those of the breast and prostate gland, by obstructing or modifying hormone function.

Endocrine disruptors can be found everywhere from chemicals like: 

  • Phthalates which is a plasticizer used for polyvinyl chloride plastics; 
  • Dioxins, one type of environmental pollutant produced during incineration; 
  • Polystyrene-a material made up mostly of styrene monomers with oxygen atoms added later on to make it more stable; 
  • Trichloroethylene – this chemical compound was first synthesized in 1849 while trying out different reactions between chlorine compounds and ethylene gas where both materials were heated together.

Food Additives

New research finds that about 80% of packaged foods sold in the United States contain chemicals that are outlawed in other countries. This food additive is any substance added to maintain quality and preservation, like preservatives or coloring agents. These are the things you may not even be aware were there until now.

This discovery has been found by a non-profit organization called The Environmental Working Group (EWG). The organization evaluated over 3,000 products on store shelves for ingredients banned elsewhere due to health threats such as cancer risks. They have published their findings online so consumers can see what's lurking behind some label claims made by companies today.

What Happens When Toxins are not Removed From the Body?

Most people think that detoxifying does not matter. However, toxin accumulation can cause different medical complications. The following are some of the most common complications brought by toxin accumulation:

Weight gain

Toxins can be stored in fat cells for long periods. It is dangerous if you are trying to lose weight. When your body starts burning off the fats that are holding on to these toxins, they have nowhere else left to go but back into circulation. Then, they will continue doing damage potentially even more than when we had them locked away before. 

While proper diet and regular exercise help to reduce weight, detoxification programs go beyond removing toxins. Minimizing toxin exposure benefits you, especially if you want to reduce weight and be fit.

Cognitive Dysfunction

The high toxin load in our environment is thought to be the cause of many neurodegenerative illnesses, including dementia, Parkinson's disease, and Alzheimer’s disease. Experts consider heavy metals, such as mercury, lead, and cadmium to have a substantial impact on ADHD development in children. Prenatal exposure is harmful since children are most vulnerable during their early stages of life when they were exposed before birth.

Toxins can accumulate on fat cells which results in damage that impacts neurotransmitter function and communication within neurological cells. In some studies, experts consider toxins to have an even greater risk than smoking cigarettes for their effects on brain health!

Reproductive Complications

Detoxification is a great collaborative effort, with the hard-working liver and kidneys doing their best to break down toxins. The colon works in close collaboration as well, releasing enzymes that help digest these contaminants before they can be filtered out by the urinary tract or skin for excretion. Some of them are eliminated from your body through stool while some go on to become water-soluble so they're sent off into your bloodstream where your kidney escort's them out of your system via urine. You may also sweat those nasty things away.

Through the 5 Essentials of Wellness, you can achieve the full potential of chiropractic care. Schedule an appointment with Live Aligned Family Chiropractic and begin transforming your life today!

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