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One of the common habits that people do is to crack their joints. They do it for fun, and the most common parts are their toes, back knuckles, fingers, and even neck. People do it for no particular reason, but one thing is for sure, it releases pressure that you feel in your neck, shoulders that keeps you stressed. People are now making this a habit. 

However, there are a lot of questions related to neck cracking. Is it safe? Or does it provide any benefit? The answer depends on the process of neck cracking. It means that it can be both safe or dangerous, provides benefits, and endangers your life. So doing it incorrectly can cause extreme discomfort and pain around your neck. 

Here are the things that you need to know about the risks, benefits, and processes involving chiropractic care. It also helps you understand the processes involving medical assistance. 

Why do Neck Produce Cracking Sounds

Your bones and joints have capsules composed of fluid, and once stretched, it decreases the pressure on your joints. That is the reason why exercising is beneficial to your body. It reduces the pressure and tension in your body. 

Take note, once the pressure decreases, instead of fluid flowing through your joints, it turns into gas. As the fluid turns into gas, once you move it, it produces a popping noise. This process is also known as cavitation or boiling. 

There is a part of your body known as facet joints, and it is a set of joints surrounding your neck. It is located on every side of your neck. Once it cracks, the facet joints stretch, making the fluid spread throughout your joints. But, if the fluid turns into gas, your joints pop. That is the reason why you hear a cracking sound as the pressure releases. 

Does Cracking Your Neck Provide Benefits

Cracking your neck helps you in various ways, but it would be best to consult your chiropractor or doctor before cracking your neck. They can provide alternatives and provide you options that help you relieve the pain. 

According to studies, neck cracking performed by a chiropractor produces good mental and physical effects. Your chiropractors help you remove the pressure in your joints and adjust your joints. 

People can also feel better as they hear the crack of their neck or any part of their body. They feel better and satisfied. That is why they feel great even though it does not fully realign the spine or release all the pressure. It was often known as the placebo effect. 

Endorphins are also released during the neck cracking process. Endorphins are from the pituitary glands that assist you in managing the pain. And once you break your neck, endorphins are automatically released. It gives you a feeling of pleasure and satisfaction.

What are the Risks in Cracking your Neck

Cracking your neck can be risky and can be harmful, especially if you carelessly do it. Note that your body is composed of nerves. It can be sensitive, and once applied with extreme force, you will be unable to move your neck or feel severe discomfort. Neck cracking can also strain your muscles, making you feel pain as you move your neck.

Hypermobility also plays a vital role in your unusual cracking of joints. You feel the urge to crack your neck to feel pressure, and you increase your range of motion than normal. As you apply your desire, your joints, ligaments can be stretched permanently. It may lead to perpetual instability that can develop osteoarthritis. 

Take note that your body is composed of blood vessels that are essential in doing your daily tasks. And once you carelessly crack your neck, it can pierce your blood vessels that might block the flow of your blood. It disrupts the transmission of your signals in your body.

Does Visiting a Chiropractor Helps

People crack their necks unconsciously to relieve their pain. Once you do it and you did not feel any pain or discomfort, you might not need to visit a chiropractor. However, it would be best to seek medical care once in a while to know your body condition. 

Note that once you feel unsatisfied in cracking your neck and want to exert too much effort, that would be the time to visit a chiropractor. There is a possibility that you need to realign your joints or relieve the pressure around your neck. Chiropractors can also help you minimize the habit of cracking your neck. 

If you feel any of the following symptoms, visiting a chiropractor is a must.

  • Unusual swelling around your neck. It can be a sign of an infection, injury, or fluid buildup around your neck. 
  • You feel chronic pain around your joints, and you do not have any idea about its cause. 
  • Sudden decrease of productivity because of your age or possible signs of osteoarthritis. You might also feel tired easily as you do your usual tasks.

Visiting a chiropractor can help you relieve the pain. They are professionals who manipulate your joints and ensure that they are appropriately aligned. It minimizes the pressure and reduces your urge to crack your neck. They also provide tips on how you take proper care of your neck, as well as treating it properly in case of swelling or chronic pain.

Finding a chiropractor is not hard; you can ask your doctor to refer you within his network. You can also consult your healthcare provider about a specialist near you. It is helpful, especially if you are looking for a chiropractor near you. 

The good thing about having health insurance is it can cover your chiropractic care treatment. However, it would be great if you are sure about the processes. Still, chiropractic care services allow you to save more than pursuing medications or surgery to relieve you from pain. 

Final Thoughts

Neck cracking gives you a feeling of satisfaction and excitement as you hear the crack or popping sounds. It helps you release the pressure in your joints. However, regular consultation is a must if you feel constant pressure. They will assist you in knowing your body issues and lessen discomfort. 

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