5 Exercises To Address Wrist Pain or Discomfort

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Probably it sneaks up after a long day typing and working at your desk. Or perhaps you feel the pain after how many rounds of planks at the gym or a tennis training session. Regardless of the reason, there are several people who battle wrist pain at some point in their lives. 

Based on the American College of Rheumatology, this condition is called carpal tunnel syndrome and is described as a strained nerve in the wrist. It affects 4 out of 10 Americans in the US alone. The wrist, arms, and hand pain can be a sign of other conditions like tendonitis, an inflammation of the tendons that connects your bones to the muscles. Besides carpal tunnel and tendonitis, other injuries like sprains and fractures may also need medical attention. So if you feel  wrist pain most of the time, it's better to schedule a visit with your healthcare professional to know if you are already suffering from these pain conditions.

Many people simply experience fatigue and discomfort when they place a lot of stress on their wrist pain while performing certain activities. The repetitive movements are the main culprit, whether you are doing your hobbies like gardening, skiing, and more, or you are working like typing all day. Remember that other repetitive exercise routines like planks, dumbbell holding, and other one-hand exercises can cause all these pain troubles as well.

Exercises That Ease Wrist Pain

If some activities in your life leave you with  wrist pain or in your hands, take time to do these exercises or stretch routines throughout the day because they can all help relieve your discomfort.

According to a physical therapist and creator of LYT Style and Yoga, stretching your wrist flexor is essential if you need to avoid wrist pain issues. It comes to the point that it plays a good treatment option for your  wrist pain or  your hand. You already spend too much of your time and day with your wrist in flexed positions like driving a car, typing on a computer, or holding a phone, so you must counter the shortening of tendons and other connective tissues by stretching it. 

Stretching exercise keeps the tissues from being pulled asymmetrically, which can primarily cause strain or injury. If these exercises are done in a consistent manner, they will serve as preventative measures to battle carpal tunnel syndrome and tendonitis.

Here are the gentle movements or stretch exercises that you do daily to help pain relief in your wrists and hands.

Under The Wrist Stretches

It works underneath your wrist to make more space where the back of your forearm meets the palm of your hands.

How to do it:

  • Sitting or standing: Talk to the (upside down) hand

Reach the right arm out in front of you with your palm open wide. Then, turn your palm down so that your fingertips are reaching down towards the floor. Use the left hand to pull the right fingertips and the thumb down to stretch your palm and bottom of your wrist. Hold this position for a few seconds or counts, then switch hands.

  • Knees and hands: Wrist stretch

Perform the same stretch on the hands and knees. Line up the knees underneath the hips, then place the palms on the floor underneath the shoulders. Turn your right hand to the right so that your fingers are reaching towards the knees and your wrist is reaching towards the front of the mat or floor. After that, lean back so you will feel the stretch in the back area of the wrist. Hold it for a few breaths, then switch to your lift wrist.

Front Of The Wrist Stretches

It works at the top of your forearms into the hand. This stretch is not painful and will make you feel good after.

How to do it:

  • Sitting and standing: Bent wrist

Straight the right arm out in front of you. Bend your hand down so that your fingertips are pointing down. Use the left hand to pull the top of the fingertips and hand down further to feel the stretch mechanism on the top of the wrist. Hold this position for 2 counts, then release. Repeat the exercise 5 times before you do the switching of hands.

  • Knees and hands: Bent wrist

You can also perform the same stretch on the knees and hands. Line up the knees underneath the hips, then place the hands on the floor underneath the shoulders. Flip your right hand over so that the top of your hand is down on the floor with your fingertips reaching towards the knees. Gently place pressure on your hand by shifting back to stretch the front of your wrist and hand. Hold it for about a few seconds, and then switch to your left hand.

Fist To Fan

Clasp the hands tightly in a fist position, then open them up as wide as possible. Spread the fingers as far away as you can from each other to stretch your hands when you fan your fingers. Repeat it ten times.

Thumb Touches

On the right hand, touch the right thumb to the pinky finger, then release. Touch the thumb to the ring finger, then release. Repeat the routine with your middle and index fingers. Perform the same with the left hand. Repeat the routine ten times and exaggerate your touch, then release each time with each finger.

Moving Prayer Stretch

Press the hands together at the center of the chest with the elbows out to the sides. Begin with the index fingers being pressed together as high as your lips. Then, keep your palms pressing together as you move your hands down the center of the body to the belly button. Release your hands and start over. Repeat this routine ten times.

You might not find the right time to provide your wrist enough care every single day. But ensure to take at least 10 minutes of your time every week, so your wrist will return the care and love to you by giving you increased strength, greater mobility, and above all, less wrist pain. 


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