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In Live Aligned Family Chiropractic; we're committed to helping our patients achieve and maintain essential wellness. We offer a variety of chiropractic services designed to help you live your healthiest life possible.

Holistic Health: Five Dimensions, Exercise and Chiropractic Care

Holistic health is a broad term that encompasses the five dimensions of mental, emotional, spiritual, environmental, and physical health. The five dimensions are essential for our well-being because they work together to form a unified whole. To be truly healthy in all aspects, we need to take care of each one individually with a different practice. For example, exercise helps us maintain good physical wellness, while chiropractic care benefits our mental and emotional health. We must realize the importance of these five dimensions for our essential wellness and make time for them to live an aligned life.

Live Aligned Family Chiropractic believes that a holistic approach is an essential wellness chiropractic approach. Our chiropractors strictly utilize a holistic approach along with the 5 Essentials of Wellness, particularly:

What does it mean to be holistically healthy?

Holistic health refers to more than just one aspect of your life. Holistic healing is the process of addressing all aspects of one's well-being, including mental and emotional health. It may come in many forms--from traditional wellness practices to alternative therapies, but it always supports a person's whole being.

A holistic approach to healthcare has always considered the many external and environmental factors that could support or impact your health. However, with climate change becoming more of an issue every day in our surrounding environments, we must have a systematic way of addressing future health.

There is a lot of research that has been done on the benefits of holistic health. For example, it's an essential element in preventing chronic illness. Acting holistically by incorporating all aspects into our lives can help us feel more fulfilled and happy. People who act holistically report higher happiness levels than those who don't include these dimensions in their lives.

Achieving healthy physical wellness through exercise helps people be happier because they can do what makes them happy without feeling pain or discomfort. Much like with chiropractic care which addresses mental and emotional well-being as well as helping you manage stress-related tension headaches or numbness.

Achieving the balance between your mental health and emotional well-being is essential to holistic healing. It helps manage stress-related tension headaches or numbness from overuse at work or school, making someone unable to do their job properly without feeling tired throughout the day when they should still be active for another few hours after work.

Five Dimensions of Holistic Health

In recent years, the popularity of holistic health has been on the rise. It is for a variety of reasons:

  • People are more aware of their well-being and how it affects other aspects of life.
  • There is an increased focus on preventative healthcare.
  • The medical establishment in America is not trusted like it once was.

Physical Wellness: Ensuring that all systems in the body are functioning correctly. It includes proper alignment, mobility, and strength. When these things are addressed holistically through chiropractic care or exercise, you can have a better quality of life with increased happiness because you will feel less pain or discomfort while doing what makes you happy.

Mental Wellness: A person's mental health refers to the cognitive abilities that affect how it functions. More specifically, this can refer to one or more of our moods and emotions and what we think about ourselves in terms of intelligence.

Emotional Wellness: In our emotionally-charged society, it is easy to neglect physical health in favor of the dynamic drive. But ignoring your emotions can affect how you feel physically and mentally because they are intimately linked with one another.

Social Wellness: Social wellness is essential to maintain a healthy lifestyle because the social setting influences many things, including exercise, eating habits, and stress management.

Spiritual/Religious Wellness: Everyone has their spirituality or religion that plays a vital role in holistic health. It brings meaning and purpose into people's lives which helps them feel satisfied with life no matter what they are going through by feeling connected to something greater than themselves, such as a higher power.

Holistic health is about taking care of yourself in a way that incorporates the physical, mental and emotional aspects of wellness. It includes improved fitness levels or reduced stress levels from participating in activities you enjoy doing with others regularly, like walking daily. There are also many opportunities for holistic exercises to support the other four elements, leading to better overall outcomes.

How Exercise Contributes to Holistic Health?

Dr. George Engel first conceived that physicians should adopt a Biopsychosocial model in 1977, which suggests that patients' bodies and emotional makeup cannot be separated like before. For him, it was essential to examine all areas of life, including interactions with your environment and others, since these are interdependent, not independent.

Exercise is an integral component of achieving holistic health. Many people do not know that exercise is the most crucial component to maintaining a healthy body and mind. Exercise provides many benefits such as strengthening muscles, improving cardiovascular health, optimizing blood sugar levels, relieving stress, supporting cognitive function, and more.

Therapeutic exercise is a way to help your muscles and joints return to their original shape. This type of workout will take place in physical therapy sessions, which can be helpful for those who are recovering from an injury or want better posture. Therapeutic exercises that target different body areas (for example, knee-strengthening) may also be used as part of a treatment plan after surgery. Also, or if someone has arthritis by targeting specific problem spots with targeted workouts, they don't worsen over time.

Exercise is more than just a physical activity. Your lungs, heart, and brain all play important roles in maintaining healthy exercise habits. When you work out, your muscles get the oxygen they need to produce energy during an exercise session. Meanwhile, your lung cells make sure that carbon dioxide waste product from this production cycles through the body quickly so it doesn't build up while exercising (carbon dioxide can be toxic for humans). It means that regular workouts improve cardiovascular endurance and help clear away toxins that may cause chronic inflammation throughout our bodies.

Exercise contributes to holistic health by helping people be healthier. People tend to live happy lives without chronic illnesses getting in their way of enjoying what makes them feel good. At the same time, they are simultaneously managing pain or discomfort caused by these conditions when they flare up.

Holistic health is important in chiropractic care because it can help the patients with their overall mental and physical wellness by promoting more efficient functions of all body systems, nerve systems to reduce pain levels, improving sleep quality, and lower stress levels.

The Approach of Live Aligned family Chiropractic to Holistic Health

Regular exercise and proper dieting would help your body absorb higher oxygen levels, build lean muscles, and reduce fat. Our chiropractor may use tailored exercises that are advanced to give you optimum fitness in minimal time so that you will perform at a high level with the added benefit of increased resistance against stress-related diseases such as diabetes.

Live Aligned Family Chiropractic believes that proper exercise is an integral part of essential wellness chiropractic. We can provide the best training regimens for all patients, using the same tools top-performing athletes do. These workouts will help you build muscle groups and increase oxygen levels. They also include interval trainers so you can get rest while staying on track with your exercise goals in just a few hours per week. All exercises are personalized to individual abilities and lifestyle needs.

At Live Aligned Chiropractic, we offer scientifically-based exercise programs tailored to each person's abilities. We use all of the most up-to-date technology available so that every workout feels like a personalized experience, one made especially for you! Whether you're just starting or have been working out for years, our program is designed specifically with your needs in mind and will keep you motivated along the way.

Live Aligned Family Chiropractic in Golden,Colorado believes in a holistic approach to health that considers the five dimensions of wellness - mental, physical, emotional, environmental, and spiritual. Exercise is one aspect of this type of holistic care because it helps improve your moods and release endorphins, which can help reduce pain or discomfort. The more you explore these different aspects of wellness when considering chiropractic treatment for yourself or a loved one, the better equipped you will be to make an informed decision about what's best for you. Request an appointment today and come see us by referring to the schedule with an appointment button.


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