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Exercise and oxygen are two things that we usually associate with physical health. But they also have a lot to do with mental health. Exercise has been shown time and again to improve mood and reduce anxiety. It can help people regulate their emotions by changing the levels of neurotransmitters in the brain. 

Oxygen is essential for our body. Good oxygen supply helps us fight off infections, repair cells, produce energy from food, maintain healthy skin tone and hair color, and keep muscles strong through movement (which improves balance).

Live Aligned Family Chiropractic continuously improves their chiropractic care as they utilize the 5 Essentials of Wellness. The holistic approach has been helping our chiropractors to provide effective and long-lasting relief for over 1000 patients since 2018. Dr. Charles Borgert explains the significance of oxygen and exercise to enhance

Incorporating Exercise in Chiropractic Care

Regular exercise and chiropractic care have become increasingly popular throughout the years. They are adequate for maintaining your overall health of mind and body by reducing stress, improving flexibility/mobility, strengthening joints and muscles - all of which while reducing blood sugar levels.

The American Chiropractors Association says that regular stretches help preserve a healthy spinal column and strengthen back and neck muscles. This helps you maintain proper posture, which is essential for having strong bones too.

Along with regular exercise, chiropractic treatment will prevent your body from nervous system dysfunctioning. Furthermore, you will be able to experience an increase in flexibility after a few sessions of care. Exercise and chiropractic treatments complement each other. Thus, they should always go hand-in-hand.

Exercise plays a vital role in helping people reduce their back pain. Recent studies have shown that exercises can be quite effective when it comes to chiropractic treatments. Besides, it is also helpful for occupational purposes.

How Does It Work?

At Live Aligned Family Chiropractic ,one of our chiropractors will evaluate and examine your condition before providing a chiropractic treatment. Then, they will develop an exercise program that suits your needs. We understand the significance of an individualized exercise regimen since each person is different. Though general exercises are beneficial, they might not be the best option for you. Personalized exercise programs help you to achieve long-term benefits and enhance the healing process.

Benefits of Exercise in Chiropractic Care

Dr. Borgert gives the following benefits of incorporating exercise in chiropractic care:

Promoted Healing

Exercising is a great way to loosen up your body and release tension. You can do this by going for runs, taking an aerobics class, or even doing some stretches at home before visiting the chiropractor. It also prepares you in case they need to manipulate any of those joints while they are healing.

Good Preventive Measure

Chiropractic care is the only profession in health that can successfully treat your entire body from head to toe. Balancing exercise with chiropractic care will keep you well-aligned, maintain proper balance and joint flexibility. It helps prevent any future injuries or pains.

Improves Mobility

Chiropractic treatment focuses on the actual cause of pain and immobility by treating trigger points rather than just looking for symptoms. Proper exercise treatment helps eliminate the primary source of pain. In turn, it will decrease or relieve associated pains such as neck, lower back, and hip pain. Exercises before and after your chiropractic treatments can increase flexibility in muscles that could help with range-of-motion too.

Improves Strength

With exercise, a person can target large muscles as well as small muscle groups. The appropriate exercise helps to build strength in both large and small muscle groups. Thus, you will develop an all-over balanced physique that is ready to bounce back from chiropractic treatment with ease. Exercise strengthens not only our muscles but also joints and ligaments. This ensures we stay healthy while keeping us prepared for strenuous and tiring activities.

Reduces Pain

Chiropractic care is a proven method to reduce and prevent pain. Our chiropractors at Live Aligned Family Chiropractic can align your spine safely. Proper spinal manipulation facilitates to reduce body aches. After a workout, chiropractic care also helps minimize soreness so that you're feeling good again quicker. This means that with a reduced chance of injury or discomfort after exercise, you will be able to get back at it more quickly and stay at it without interruption for long periods.

Proper Oxygen and its Relation to Chiropractic Care

Your lungs are an essential part of your body. It does not matter if you smoke or not. The problems with the lungs can affect anyone, and they are one of the most common health issues in the world. Never hesitate to ask our chiropractors about specific exercise routines, supplements, or other things that will keep your lung strong and healthy. We always have experts on hand who know everything there is to know about keeping those amazing organs working well.

How To Keep Your Lungs Healthy?

Dr. Borgert provided the following suggestions to keep your lungs healthy:

Get in touch with nature

Adding plants to your home is an easy way to boost air quality. Plants can remove toxins from the air, especially during the winter months when you spend most of your time indoors due to the weather outside.

Adding a few indoor plants will help improve oxygen levels in your living spaces. Moreover, it offers protection against toxic chemicals that are typically found inside homes today, like formaldehyde or benzene. Thus, better breathing throughout the day, even during winter.

Avoid smoking

Smoking tobacco is a terrible thing for your health. It is not just bad for your lungs, but it puts you at risk of many other serious diseases and conditions as well. That’s why so many doctors have been telling people to stop smoking cigarettes since the 1960s when research linking them with cancer came out. Doctors know how harmful this habit can be through experience or from practicing medicine their whole lives.

Exercise your lungs

It is a good thing that exercise is not just good for our hearts and muscles, but it also makes your lungs healthier. Exercise improves circulation by strengthening the body's main muscle groups. This flow of blood through all parts of the body helps make our lungs more efficient.

Exercise does so much in ways you may never have thought about. It can help with asthma symptoms like wheezing. It also strengthens bones to prevent osteoporosis as we age, and it even gives us an energy boost when we need one during those long days at work.

Stay Hydrated

Drinking lots of water is not only essential for our physical health, but it also has a unique effect on your lungs. Drinking plenty of fluids helps to thin the mucus secretions that accumulate in your respiratory system each day and allow you to breathe more easily.

Maintain Good Hygiene

Washing your hands and practicing good hygiene is very important during flu season. Proper hygiene keeps harmful microbes from getting into our respiratory systems. For efficient prevention of such infections, be sure to wash not just the visible surfaces but also cell phones and telephone headsets.

How Chiropractic Care Helps People With Lung Diseases?

Research shows that soft tissue therapy, manipulations, and exercise all have some benefits when treating Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). The patients who received the only manipulation were able to better cope with gasping for breath. Still, those in the group of three treatments had improved lung capacity and could walk longer distances before feeling fatigued.

People with COPD can now potentially improve their prognosis by reducing chest wall rigidity. This is done through joint manipulation and soft tissue therapy, which helps to increase the mobility of the spine and decrease tension in muscles that flex or extend parts of the body, like those around a person's chest. If you are someone who has been diagnosed with this debilitating lung disease, please consult your doctor before making any changes to treatment methods. They may be able to help determine if there are other adjustments we need to make so as not to worsen symptoms for patients going forward.

The Bottom Line

You’ve been going to the chiropractor and eating well, but you still feel something is missing. That's because there are two things that your body needs to function properly-oxygen and exercise. You can't have one without the other. Thus, it is important for everyone who wants their best health outcomes not only to take care of themselves now by visiting a qualified healthcare provider like Live Aligned Family Chiropractic. Take the steps towards living an active lifestyle through Live Aligned Family Chiropractic.

We are committed to providing a holistic approach to chiropractic care! With over 20 000 adjustments given, our experience speaks of our excellence. Schedule an appointment and consult with us!

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