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The word "wellness" is thrown around a bit these days. But what exactly does that mean? When used in the context of chiropractic care, it means eliminating pain and dysfunction in your body. Chiropractors believe that wellness goes beyond simply being free from illness or injury. 

It also encompasses an entire lifestyle that promotes health and well-being by addressing physical, mental, spiritual, social, occupational, and emotional needs. In this blog post, we'll go over 17 components of wellness in chiropractic care!

What is Chiropractic Care?

Chiropractic care is a means of manual therapy that focuses on the spine and its relationship to health. While some may think chiropractors only treat lower back pain, they help remedy any problem stemming from poor alignment or posture by manipulating the spinal column with their hands. 

What are the Components of Wellness?

The 17 components of wellness in chiropractic care are:

1. Social Support

A chiropractor in Golden Colorado can help you find ways to obtain social support. This could be through volunteer work, church groups, or other organizations that promote wellness and offer a sense of belonging within the community.

2.Self-awareness/Health Maintenance 

This is about maintaining your physical self and warning signs from our bodies when they tell us there may be an issue we need to address – such as migraine headaches, for example. Chiropractors recommend trying different strategies before going off medication, so it's important to talk with them first if you feel like your body might have something wrong with it and see what their suggestions are.

3. Detoxification 

Many people don't realize how much toxins they take into their bodies until they wake up feeling like something is off with them one day. This would indicate that detoxification may need to take place if there has been an accumulation of toxins. The body has a normal detoxification system that does the work when it can. 

Still, there are instances where this becomes impaired due to external factors or for unknown reasons. Then we need help from outside our bodies for the proper elimination and removal of unwanted substances.

Detoxing doesn't happen all at once but rather gradually over time. This means you can start by reducing the intake of toxic food products such as processed foods and sugars while boosting your intake of plant-based foods like fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts, and seeds. This will be enough to get things going on their own without having to take any supplements or other related remedies. Try these simple changes over one week (or more, if you're feeling sluggish) and see how it affects your energy levels.

4. Physical Wellness

The physical aspect is the most tangible and visible. It includes things like your diet, exercise routine, sleep habits, and stress levels. Achieving a healthy weight through a balanced diet with proper portions can boost energy levels and provide more nutrients to stay strong and prevent injury. Exercise helps improve circulation, which boosts immune function while also helping manage anxiety or depression by releasing endorphins that decrease inflammation in the brain from chronic pain. 

Getting enough restful sleep can help alleviate back pain due to poor posture during the day. It's vital for people who have insomnia to adjust their bedtime routines, such as reading before you fall asleep instead of watching TV! 

5. Stress Management 

This component may be the most important. Research has shown that stress can be a major contributor to chronic pain and poor sleep quality, so it's an essential component of wellness for both chiropractic patients and those searching for relief from their back pain issues. Research shows that people who have high physical activity levels experience less depression, anxiety, and anger than those with low levels. This is because workout releases endorphins which help decrease inflammation in the brain caused by chronic pain or other mental health conditions such as depression or ADHD. 

6. Spiritual Growth

Another aspect of wellness we focus on at our clinic is spiritual well-being. This has been shown to provide significant relief postures such as meditation, prayer, or yoga can do wonders for stress management when practiced regularly. One study showed that more than half (52%) of respondents who practice these spiritual activities had less stress and anxiety, while 36% felt more positive about themselves.

Chiropractic care also provides spirituality for those in need. We help people see the connection between their physical bodies and mental/spiritual selves, which can be a vital component of wellness often overlooked by other healthcare providers.

7. Mindfulness

The mindfulness that comes through chiropractic is another essential aspect of our work with patients. We teach people how to stay present at this moment without getting caught up on what should have transpired or what might happen next. This can be a beneficial skill for those dealing with anxiety or depression.

8. Mental Health

Study shows that chiropractic care is an effective treatment option for patients who suffer from anxiety disorders or depression. It may be because we are trained not only as medical doctors but also in holistic health practices, including natural methods such as acupuncture, massage therapy, and meditation. Dr. Charles Borgert has practiced all his life with these values at heart.

9. Nutrition

Weight management is an important component of overall wellness with many factors to consider, such as portion control, food choices, hydration, and stress management. Chiropractors guide the appropriate nutritional interventions that are in alignment with your lifestyle needs. Dr. Charles Borgert can help you find creative strategies for developing healthy habits and reaching weight goals from wherever you're starting now!

Planning for healthy eating needn't be complicated or time-consuming: small choices over time have significant effects. Your chiropractic care provider might suggest trying one new food per week, taking lunchtime walks at work each day, or using smaller plates when dining to create changes that last well into the future. 

10. Sleep Patterns

Nobody's perfect when it comes to getting enough - or good quality - sleep, but having regular hours set aside for resting will ensure optimal health: mental, emotional, and physical. Lack of sufficient rest may contribute to waking up, a lack of ability to focus, and irritability.

Promoting regular, high-quality sleep will help you avoid a host of health problems - including heart disease, obesity, diabetes, and even cancer! Dr. Charles Borgert can give you the tools for implementing healthy sleeping habits that are right for your lifestyle needs.

11. Injury Prevention & Correction

Your spinal column is lined with discs that act as cushions between the vertebrae. When these discs are out of alignment, they can pressure nearby nerves and cause pain in your neck and back. When a chiropractor adjusts a spine to fix an issue like this, it reduces stress on the nerve by allowing those muscles to relax – so you'll feel better.

12. Exercise & Rest

Regular exercise and a healthy work-life balance is an important part of wellness. Still, people also need time to rest to fully recover from their physical activity and the daily stresses that we all face. A chiropractor can help you create a personalized plan for how much exercise your body needs each day – no matter what your current level may be.

13. Emotional Support

Wellness includes emotional health, too. Everyone has days when they're not feeling like themselves due to external factors or just life in general. Your chiropractic care provider might suggest one concrete action per day (like taking five minutes away from screens) or weekly goals for activities that will make you feel more balanced.

14. Meditation

Meditation is another way to achieve k-life balance. Your chiropractor might recommend that you try meditation as a form of wellness because it can help with stress and anxiety, self-esteem, empathy for others, creativity – the list goes on! Meditation isn't just an individual activity. Your chiropractic care provider may suggest that you find a group or community in which to practice. 

15. Positivity & Gratitude Journaling Exercise

We all want some positivity in our lives. Your chiropractic care provider might recommend that you journal about one thing you are grateful for every day and write a positive letter to someone who has helped or influenced your life, such as a teacher, friend, or family member.

16. Drink water 

A common component of wellness that many people forget about is water intake. Drinking enough fluids can improve concentration, mood, mental clarity – the list goes on. Your chiropractor might also recommend adding more water if you experience fatigue or muscle cramps. They'll want to know how much caffeine, alcohol, and sugar products (such as soda) you consume to determine whether they should be recommending even more fluid consumption for these substances' diuretic effects.

When working with patients experiencing pain or discomfort, a chiropractor will recommend increased water intake to speed up healing time. Drinking enough fluids can also help reduce the frequency of headaches or other symptoms associated with dehydration. Additionally, drinking plenty of water is essential if you're pregnant and while breastfeeding because your body needs extra fluids at those times.

17. Positive Attitude

Chiropractors will recommend a generally positive attitude as part of the components of wellness in chiropractic care. They'll want you to stop any negative thoughts or attitudes that might hamper your health and lead to depression, which can impact physical well-being. 


Wellness is not just about getting your spine aligned. It's a way of life that encompasses the entire body and mind, addressing all aspects of your health so you can live in harmony with yourself. Live Aligned Family Chiropractic believes wellness starts at home by creating an environment where we work together to balance our bodies and minds through chiropractic care, healthy eating, physical activity, good sleep habits, and more! Contact us today to know how we can assist you in reaching your wellness goals.





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